Food Security
Water Security
Zero Waste
Energy Security
Natural Capital Services
Integrated Systems Management
Sustainable Transportation


Integrated Infrastructure is here to stay and will become more obvious to investors and project stakeholders that the efficiency factor of combining systems spreads risk and opens more revenue channels than a siloed approach.  Now the markets just need an innovation company to launch it correctly! This is our mission!


  1. Provide the most dependable, high performing, most efficient, and cost effective utilities and infrastructure services to our customers
  2. Design these integrated systems based on sustainability principles that:
    • Protect and restore the natural environment
    • Respect and foster local cultural values and heritage
    • Create meaningful employment for local residents
    • Create a sustained source of revenue to support the project for generations


1.  Site Data Collection: Key team members meet on-site

2.  Master Plan & Facilities Data Collection

3.  Establish Communication Management Protocols

4.  Initiate Systems Integration – Macro-level

5.  Develop Mass Balance sheets on infrastructure components

6.  Peer Review and modify system candidates – Micro-level

7.  Prepare Preliminary Financial Proforma

8.  Modify System Selections based on Financial Proforma

9.  Finalize Financial Proforma

10.  Prepare Final Report (Executive Summary and Detailed Addendum)

11.  Prepare Contractor RFPs