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Kanton Island Off The Grid Community Model for Kiribati

LocationPhoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA), South Pacific Ocean
Size40 km2

Off The Grid Floating Communities  for Climate Change Refugees

Our Solutions

In response to climate change impacts on low elevation islands, such as the islands of Kiribati and Tuvalu in the South Pacific, the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, and countless others in all seven seas, we propose a unique solution: establish off the grid floating communities. Our designs layout an integrated infrastructure consisting of renewable energy, solar desalination, wastewater and solid waste conversion, security, and food production. Each ‘floating neighborhood’ can support a population of 150 families. Our floating platforms and buildings are prefabricated modular concrete. These small modular units can be transported to any location, are durable for multiple generations, can withstand hurricane force winds, fire, earthquakes, insect infestation, and provide thermal protection from heat. Most importantly these units provide flexibility in design configurations, are self-supporting up to seven stories and  are affordable.