Pearl Waterfront Park

Size250 acres
LocationGuangdong, China
ServicesProvided by Thelma+Boom, including Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, and Design Development

Our Solutions

The conceptual program for The Pearl Waterfront includes the  following 8 elements: 1. Museum (Folk-Custom); 2. Landmark (Energy conservation);  3.Meander Walkway (Landscape); 4.Food Court (Catering); 5. Small Lake (Entertainment); 6. Wetland (Ecosystem Protection); 7. International Velodrome (Physicals/Sports); 8. Sculpture (Arts/Culture). By combining all these 8 elements, it will be a unique park that is characterized by traditional culture and modern minimalist style in order to further express the local people’s positive and simple living attitude of environment protection and energy conservation.