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Our Solutions

Pangaeon Parks’ mission is to develop a global network of adventure sports and recreation parks that offer over 150 physical activities. These typically include 50 activities on land, 50 in water, 50 in the air, all in one location, for all ages and all skill levels. Each park is based on sustainability principles that include integrated utilities and infrastructure, ‘green’ buildings, low carbon footprint, diverse employment for local communities, and healthy environments (physical exercise and nutrition).

[The name ‘pangaeon’ derives from ‘pangaea’, the geological name of Earth’s supercontinent, when all land areas were connected as one island in the Earth’s oceans; and ‘eon’, meaning the era, age, epoch, or period in history. Therefore, Pangaeon represents the new age of bringing the world together again.]

A key differentiator from conventional sports and water parks, ‘theme’ or amusement parks, aquariums and museums is that our parks have minimal infrastructure requirements, low environmental and carbon footprints, few ‘built’ structures, no waiting lines, and are operational within four months. They can accommodate families as well as experienced athletes and adventure seekers.
Pangaeon Parks are truly innovative and often the first of their kind in the world. They are developed with high environmental standards, such as integrated infrastructure, ‘intelligent’ nano-grid and micro-grid systems, eco-transportation and ‘green’ buildings. They provide unique employment opportunities ranging from executive management, hospitality, security, emergency medical services, coaching, sports medicine, pilots, and IT specialists. Pangaeon Parks offers a wide range of internships, on-the-job training and programs specifically geared to recruiting military veterans and physically-challenged athletes. These unique parks are key revenue engines and target 20% ROI within the first three years. Each location is operated exclusively by Pangaeon Parks managers, coaches, and trainers. We provide turnkey services in keeping with our DBOOSTT approach (Design Build Own Operate Sustain Train Transfer).

The following videos feature just a few of our adventure sports and recreation activities.


PangaeonGlobal Projects map as Smart Object-1

Our Team Projects Worldwide (partial list)

Aruba de Palm Blue Parrot, Aruba
Atlantis Aquaventure Dolphin Cay
Atlantis Resort, Bahamas
Atlantis The Palm , Dubai
Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai
Bali Waterpark, Bali
Beijing Aquarium, China
Cabela’s Retail stores, N.America
Caribbean Bay, South Korea
Carnival Cruise Lines – Fantasy Class
Centennial Olympic Fountain, USA
Granby Zoo, USA
Key Lime Cove, Illinois USA
Pirate’s Cove, USA
Portofino Bay Hotel, Italy
The Palms, Las Vegas
Ushaka Marine World, Japan
Villa Mayaguez Resort, Puerto Rico
Xanadu, Turkey

AtlantisthePalmDubai Islands of AdventureUSFlorida

Water feature credits to Cloward H2O

AdventureCanyon2 CanyonInterior

Concept Designs for Adventure Canyon to feature water rappelling, spelunking, ziplines, rock climbing, scuba diving in caves, whitewater rafting and kayaking, extreme mountain biking, bungee, bagjump and more