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Las Bromelias at Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel & Nature Reserve

LocationSan Ramon, Costa Rica
Size120 acres located within 2,000+ acres of the Los Angeles Cloud Forest Private Reserve and Research Centre
ClientGreentique Hotels

Project developed in collaboration with James Damalas, founder and CEO of Greentique Hotels and their development team at Portofolio. Greentique Hotels is the recognized leader in hiqh quality, sustainable hospitality in Costa Rica. Featured destinations include Las Bromelias at Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel & Nature Reserve, Si Como No Resort and Manuel Antonio Wildlife Refuge (San Antonio), Aguila de Osa Lodge (Drake Bay) and the unique rainforest mountain Santa Juana Lodge.

Our Solutions

As part of the master planning concept, focus was driven by creating a ‘farm to table’ program in order to take advantage of existing agriculture and farm animal produce, such as cheese, yogurt, vegetables, melons, root vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, nuts, fruit and fresh dairy and eggs. The plan resulted in establishing a ‘farm coop’ community with 35 homes, four distinct glamping sites, 100 adventure sports and activities, a retail ‘village’ , with apartments for visiting students, employees, and others who may be conducting cloud forest research. In addition, we proposed a fully integrated utility and infrastructure program that would manage all utility services, roads, energy production, water production, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, eco-vehicles, ICT, security, biosecurity, and even electric appliances. This unique ‘integrated utility company’ would also actively participate in the community food production.

Project PresentationVilla Blanca Cloud Forest_4

Rock Climbing Construction:

Greentiques Hotel: BOOKLET FARM COOP