Situated on the west coast of the island of Sri Lanka, Ocean Jungle is a sustainable development model that combines Natural Ecosystems, Intelligent Technology, Human Communities, and Sustainability Economics. We call this Ecosynthesis.

The project is a joint venture with the Sri Lanka Government, Department of External Affairs, and over 20 private and nonprofit organizations. Situated on 933 acres (377 hectares), the project will maintain 653 acres (264 ha) or 70% of the land as Nature Preserve. This area will not only preserve existing natural ecosystem communities, but assist in restoration and flourishment. The Preserve will also serve as an ‘open classroom’ for human communities to interact, learn, and hopefully, mimic in their communities.

The actual footprint of the proposed development is 180 acres (72 ha), less than 20% of the total property.

Please view the Project Description presentation on the link provided.  OceanJungle_SriLanka(2)


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