Founded in 2008 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Noukhada Adventure Company is based on three E-principles: Education, Environment, Exercise. Noukhada, in Arabic, means ‘leader of the ship’.


The owners have over 30 combined years in education and leadership training pedagogy, ranging from primary schools to RMA Sandhurst, in the UK (Royal Military Academy). As Founder of Environment Friends Society UAE, Founder of the Gulf Network for environment organisations (NGOs) and a member of IUCN, one of the owners, Hasan, is also one of the original contributors to the Emirates Marine Encyclopedia. Mark and Annie Freeman, the other two owners, also bring expertise in ecology and environmental sciences to Noukhada through their services as Project Manager for the Institute of Environmental Assessment (now IEMA) and advisor to Public-Private Partnerships-Abu Dhabi.


At Noukhada, guests can enjoy a variety of adventure sports and recreational activities including kayaking through mangroves, sea kayaking, overnight remote island camping, sailing, Stand Up Paddling, snorkeling, dragonboat team building, leadership training and archery tag.

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