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“Wailani”, Kaua’i Island, Hawai’i

LocationLihu’e, Kaua’i, Hawai’i
ClientGrove Farms


Integrated Utilities & Infrastructure, including energy, water, wastewater, solid waste conversion, micro-grid, ICT, and food production; USGBC LEED Platinum certification target: Neighborhood Development

Our Solutions

Establish methodology to optimize all community utilities and infrastructure through systems integration; master plan community for 35,000 population within the existing community of Lihu’e; maximize food production in existing agricultural region of the island. Teams included Grove Farms, Group 70 International, Universal Asset Management, and Global Smart Infrastructures. Guardian Integrators Executive Director, Paul Bierman-Lytle, and Senior Director, Gary Lee, led the Integrated Utilities and Infrastructure assessment.

systems integration diagram

taro carbon credit card


Communities can inform, educate, and attract tourism by creating an “integrated utilities and infrastructure” tour. Local schools and universities can participate in ‘out-of-classroom’ immersion in technologies, and sustainability sciences.

USGBC LEED integration in “real time” performance monitoring of neighborhoods, buildings, and ecosystem services



BLUE = Potable Water Usage; LIGHT BLUE = Wastewater/Graywater Usage; RED = Energy Consumption;

YELLOW = Carbon Footprint; PURPLE = Solid Waste Diversion; GREEN = OPEN SPACE

Wailani community of 35,000 population showing LEED 'real time' ranking of buildings

Wailani community of 35,000 population showing LEED ‘real time’ ranking of buildings


Lihu'e regiional assessment of LEED performance metrics

Lihu’e regiional assessment of LEED performance metrics