HYDROUS: A Water Adventure

LocationNational Zoological Park, Washington, D.C.
SizeFive Acres
ClientSmithsonian Institution

Our Solutions

Develop an educational immersion experience that features water ecosystems, with focus on human uses of water. The site is located in a distant section of the Washington Zoological Park, in Washington, D.C. The key objective was to create an experience for guests, young and old, to become as engaged with water topics as possible, through contact, collection, evaluation, and exploration. The presentation consisted of a series of hand drawings by Paul Bierman-Lytle and Tony van Strauhal.

Full Presentation:   Hydrous2015

Presentation image excerpts;



Mission Control is the park’s ‘debriefing’ area where guests assemble their exploration ‘gear’ and equipment.


“Wagboats” are wagons that become ‘boats’. Guests collect their adventure ‘gear’ at the main briefing center; then embark on their exploration.


Along the boardwalks, guests can enter field labs where they can build water bugs that float.


Frog Pond is an activity area where guests can target flying ‘insects’ with their ‘digital-controlled frogs’.

inverted sea

One section of HYDROUS is devoted to a large scale model of the deep canyons in the oceans, except here the canyons are inverted and become mountains. The objective is to demonstrate how ‘tall’ the ocean depths are compared to land ‘mountains’. They are taller than Mt. Everest!