Perspective Rendering by Thelma+Boom

Adventure Canyon

LocationAbu Dhabi, UAE
SizeFive Acres
ClientAl Forsan International Sports Resort

Our Solutions

Develop site with over 50 adventure sports and recreational activities using only seawater and reclaimed water for all water venues. Optimize manmade mountain ‘canyon’ to provide base for multiple sports, including kayaking, rafting, scuba, swimming, waterfall rappelling, caving/spelunking, zipwire, rock climbing, manmade surf, mountain biking, adrenal jumps, bagjump, bungee, and skyride. Solar photovoltaics-mounted canvas provides electricity and shading. Use of regional materials for construction, onsite wastewater treatment to reclaim water, xeriscape, onsite solar powered golf carts, solid waste recycling, composting, and conversion to biofuels. Emphasis on active exercise for all ages and skill levels. Organic foods only at cafes and restaurants.

A sampling of our 200 different adventure sports and recreation activities: Land, Air, Water

Wave MachineWaterfall Rappelling109097

Wave Machine (using real surf boards) – Waterfall Rappelling – Water Zorbing


SkyCoaster (ziplining in all directions: up, down, diagonal, circle) – SkyFly ziplining (sitting, stomach, back positions)

Tower 1_0005Climbing-Wall-as-Smart-Object-1Sport-Climbing-Mountain-Popular-Screensavers-Wallpaper-1920x1080 as Smart Object-1

Adrenal Tower with 7 activities – Rock Climbing Walls – Extreme Climbing

thuntitled (2014_04_28 17_54_04 UTC)Rider in actionJustin - HotHeels2011_pierrevanderspuy-0802 as Smart Object-1bbd2e321-567f-46dd-985c-bea16df97b92 as Smart Object-1

Electric Drift Karting РHuman Luge РMountain Biking РLong Board РSkateboarding

cabrinha-kites-2015-switchblade-trio hobiemangrove_tunnel

Kite Surfing – Catamaran Sailing – Mangrove Kayaking