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Pangaeon™ originated in 1995. Our mission is to develop a global network of innovative destinations that embody sustainability principles, physical activities for all ages and skill levels, and wellness. Pangaeon Parks™ represents our adventure sports and recreation component. We offer a menu of over 275 physical activities. These typically include 125 activities on land, 100 in water, 50 in the air. Pangaeon projects are designed to optimize sustainability principles including integrated utilities and infrastructure, ‘green’ buildings, low carbon footprint, quality employment for local communities, and healthy environments (physical exercise and nutrition).


PANGAEON is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Adventure Entertainment Cos. (“AEC”​). AEC is a niche entertainment development, brand licensing, and management company. AEC has developed a series of products, services, and e-commerce solutions for the location-based entertainment industry.

Adventure Entertainment also provides creative consulting, ideation, experiential design, and strategic marketing support to projects and products worldwide. AEC’s advisory work is accomplished by AEC partners in the U.S. and select world regions.

Clients include Al Ghurair Group, Walt Disney Corp., NBCUniversal, 20th Century Fox, StoneCreek Partners LLC, Park City Film Studios, Zhejiang Nongdu Agricultural Products, Paramount Pictures, SONY Studios (then Lorimar Pictures), Gordon Group Holdings, MCA Recreation, Old Tucson (Studios), Sundsvall TMT, Kokoro Exhibits, NASCAR Licensing, Tokyo Dome Corp., Cocov Destinations, Raleigh Studios, ARM Investment Managers, Marvel Entertainment, Jacobs Entertainment, among others.

PANGAEON PARKS™: Adventure Sports and Recreation


land sports
175 land sports and recreation activities for all ages and skill levels


Air sports
75 Air sports and recreation for all ages and skill levels


Water sports
125 water sports and recreation for all ages and skill levels

Our Parent Company


Sustainable Environment Associates Corporation (SEAS) originated in 1992. SEAS is an architectural design and development firm focused on providing a suite of integrated professional services that address sustainability, resilience, regenerative design solutions. These include: site assessment of ecosystem services (natural capital economic value), integrated utilities and infrastructure engineering, ‘climate-response’ building design principles, decarbonization guidelines, certification rating program administration for buildings, landscape, wellness and health.

SEAS key objective is to help advance good decision-making through a new way of thinking. To achieve this, SEAS guides project teams through a question-discovery process that steers away from “rabbit holes”, while engaging “elephants in the room”. This approach enables a clearer understanding of project challenges. While assessing a project’s environmental, economic, and social “footprint”, SEAS drives this foot-printing reduction through “mind-printing”, a new “project ecosystems-thinking” paradigm shift and divergence from the conventional.

SEAS™: Integrated Sustainability and Climate Solutions


  • Integrated Systems Engineering
  • Ownership Models
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Cross Train
  • Integrated Site Assessment
  • Integrated Concept Collaboration
  • Integrated Utilities & Infrastructure
  • Integrated Green Construction
  • Transfer & Sustain Legacy

Integrated Site Assessment


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Pangaeon is a destination for immersive  experiences in adventure, wellness, education, and entertainment.